What can I expect?

What can I expect?


We provide clients with quarterly performance reports, including actual investment returns. We also compare actual returns to appropriate portfolio benchmarks, demonstrating performance each quarter and since the inception of the relationship. The reports are reviewed on regularly scheduled conference calls.


Our management fee covers a number of services, including retirement distribution strategies, tax return reviews, charitable gift planning, social security analysis and other planning issues. To ensure you know exactly what you are paying for, our clients receive a quarterly invoice for our fees, and we also offer the option of paying fees by a practice credit card for maximum tax benefit.


We use a team-based approach to better serve our clients, which means you have access to all our Wealth Managers who work in close collaboration to provide you the highest level of attention.


After a comprehensive review of your current accounts and investment strategies, we will consolidate accounts where necessary and help you build a more manageable, cost effective portfolio.


To protect and grow your investment accounts, we take a proactive approach to market conditions and regulatory issues. Because we're constantly monitoring your unique situation, we are able to implement appropriate planning strategies at the right time.