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Why use McGill Advisors as my

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With more than 750 clients located in over 48 states and with over $1.9 billion* under management, McGill Advisors has been a trusted advisor to clients since 1999. McGill Advisors joined Brightworth, a fee-only RIA headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2017 expanding our resources and technical expertise.


We provide value-added financial planning strategies to maximize your net worth, including tax-favored Roth IRA conversions, Health Savings Account investing, and family education investing.


We invest in the same securities we recommend to our clients, which means our own personal success is directly aligned with yours.


We are registered with the SEC and as fee-only advisors have a mandated fiduciary duty to act in your best interest at all times (unlike commission-based brokers). We receive no compensation from any other sources since we do not sell commission products with loads or deferred sales charges.

ERISA 338 Fiduciary

As an ERISA 338 Fiduciary, we assume sole fiduciary liability for the investment selection and monitoring of your company-sponsored retirement accounts.


*As of 12/30/2020 for the McGill division of Brightworth. Total firm AUM is $4.6 billion.

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Are you interested in a second opinion of your current investment portfolio? We offer a complimentary analysis of your current investments to identify strengths, weaknesses and inefficiencies in the design and implementation of your portfolio.


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