McGill Advisors Update October 2020

Update for October 2020  

Investment Commentary: Third Quarter 2020

  • Extreme divergence between industries within the economy
  • Interest rates could remain at generational lows for years
  • Stocks deliver another impressive quarter

Entering the fourth quarter, all eyes are on the U.S. presidential election. As is the case every four years, the dire predictions of what is to come if either candidate wins are now daily headlines.  Although we will hopefully have more clarity around the direction the country is headed after November 3rd, we want to remind investors that political promises and predictions are not always the way things turn out. Investors should remind themselves of this before placing too much importance on the outcome of the election one way or the other.

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Is Relief Worth the Regret?

What a wild and crazy year 2020 has been. The fortitude of most investors has already been tested multiple times, and with the election only a few weeks away, many will continue to have their blood pressure and risk tolerance tested.   

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Can stop loss orders save me from the next bear market?

After every major stock market decline a handful of investors will start asking themselves why they didn’t sell after the market dropped around 10%? The logic appears so simple after the stock market drops 20% or more, right?

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The COVID-19 Six-month Review: Part 2 of 2

Welcome back to the second installment of our COVID-19 Six-Month Review. We will pick up right where we left off, with three additional planning opportunities to take into consideration heading into year-end.

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How Do You Approach Tomorrow?

Are you tired of the overly negative sentiment of today’s media? The nonstop negativity about the impact of the election outcome, Coronavirus, etc.?

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