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As we close out 2021, the landscape of the financial markets is one of the most unique in history.  Never before have we seen a period of unbridled bullish investor sentiment, record earnings, and stock market all-time highs, coupled with job market dysfunction, massive supply chain disruptions, and unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus.

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Financial and life decisions often become more complex – not less – after selling. Here are ways to maximize your profits from the sale while enjoying retirement.

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Have you felt confused about how to choose between a traditional or Roth 401(k)?

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Before you make money mistakes that could derail your retirement, consider these decisions that could help you save a significant amount of income over the course of your retirement.

As the world has been moving into the recovery phase of the Covid-19 global pandemic, economies and financial markets are adapting to a new reality. Supply chain disruptions are wreaking havoc with pricing. The employment picture is improving, but at an uneven pace.

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As you gather with friends and family this Fourth of July, remember what you are celebrating. Our nation is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yet, I have found that people do not always give themselves enough freedom to pursue what truly makes them happy.

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