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How much money do you actually need? While the answer is different for everyone, the fact is that it may be less than we think. These strategies can help you figure out what your number may be.

CBJ Largest Financial Planning Firms

Congratulations to the team for this enormous achievement!

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If your company recently moved its headquarters or established a new office in North Carolina and you have been asked to relocate to the Tar Heel State, you probably have countless questions.

your vital signs podcast

McGill Advisors is proud to announce our new podcast, Your Vital $igns! The first two episodes are available now.

With the first quarter of 2021 behind us, the economy is in full-blown recovery mode. According to the Wall Street Journal, real (after inflation) GDP forecasts are for 6% growth by the end of the year. This would result in net growth of 2% over the past two years…during a pandemic!

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As the economy grows and gets stronger, how should investors behave for the rest of the year? Avoid making some dangerous moves with your investments by sticking to the same solid, diversified plan originally created.

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