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couple discusses finances at home

As the economy grows and gets stronger, how should investors behave for the rest of the year? Avoid making some dangerous moves with your investments by sticking to the same solid, diversified plan originally created.

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Are you worried that your financial projections might look too good to be true? It’s important to consider a worst-case scenario too. Ask your financial advisor to conduct a stress test.

get a vaccine before flying

The first wave of COVID-19 vaccinations has lifted many spirits and raised expectations for the new year. Those shots have also inspired a sharp rise in travel bookings among folks who hope it will finally be safe to jump on an airplane and lounge at a luxury hotel in the spring or summer of 2021. 

gamestop sign store front

For many of us, it seems not a day goes by that doesn’t now include a discussion with a close friend or family member regarding day trading, cryptocurrencies, or the new topic of the month…GameStop. 

clock and coins timing the stock market

There is perhaps no more widely used phrase in the investment world than…you can’t time the market. This warning has been a hallmark of Wall Street lore for as long as public markets have existed and has been ingrained into the thinking of nearly every investor from the first day they begin investing.

united states capitol building

As we begin 2021 with the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, we can begin to assess the political agenda of the left and what impact it will have for our clients. One item high on that agenda is a plan to reform our current tax system, which President Biden released late in 2020.

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