Our Fees

Our Fee Structure

We are a fee-only investment advisor which links our financial success with yours. Fee only compensation gives us the incentive to actively manage your assets and gives you the confidence that your assets are always being monitored.

Our annual fee begins at 1% of the investment assets under management, billed quarterly in advance. Relationships with less than $300,000 under management are subject to a minimum annual fee of $3,000. For larger portfolios we offer a graduated fee schedule that provides competitive fees based on the size of your assets. Prior to establishing a relationship, we fully disclose our fees to you within our management agreement.

We offer the flexibility to pay your investment management fees directly from your accounts or we can charge them to a credit card. You will receive an invoice quarterly, fully disclosing the fee paid making our compensation 100% transparent.

We do not receive additional compensation to market proprietary products or services of other companies; therefore your financial interest always remains first on our priority list.