Patience and Presence

Brett S. Miller, CPA, CFP® | Partner | Wealth Advisor

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I noticed an important shift in my life and in the lives of many around me.  I struggled to appropriately articulate this feeling, but before March of 2020, I sometimes felt like the world was on a treadmill. With each passing measure of time, the speed and incline seemed to be increasing a fraction of a degree, so that over time too many of us were in a state of constant distraction, using the term “busy” when describing any portion of our lives.  Life was flying by and we were too distracted to notice…

How are you?  Busy

How was your weekend? Busy

How are things at work?  I am too busy…

Did you achieve your priorities and goals?  No, I was too BUSY!

When the pandemic-induced shutdown first hit, it was of course disorienting.  Our “busy” lives were put on pause, forcing a transition to entirely different mindset.  In lieu of being distracted, many of us found a state of patience and presence.  With our commutes and social lives on hold, we now had the extra time to focus on family and self-care.  We discovered the margin to work on the personal projects that we always wanted to pursue.  We became aware and present to the world, causing many to revisit how they spent their most precious asset, their time.  It is incredible that despite an ensuing pandemic, I was able to find an increased level of happiness and life enjoyment.

Why write about this now?  I am concerned that as we progress through “re-entry”, the discovered wisdom of patience and presence will fall victim to the distraction of “busy” once again.  With Labor Day having marked the traditional end to summer, I encourage you to reflect on how you can maintain this patience and presence.  What habits, routines, and schedule changes can you make now, proactively, to establish and protect the margin we are all enjoying before the busy nature of the world and everyone else’s priorities start to fill in around us.  Remember, what get’s scheduled get’s done.  How are you scheduling patience and presence?