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McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth, assists dental clients of The McGill Hill Group in implementing successful investment strategies and navigating the complex investment decisions required to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Founded in 1999, we serve clients in a variety of professions nationwide. In addition to a national presence, experience is also something we pride ourselves on, with our Wealth Advisors having over 70 years' combined investment management experience.

We believe in exceptional customer service and a team approach in taking care of our clients. Our client relationships are designed to include several professionals knowledgeable about your investment accounts and available to serve you and your individual needs. Our wealth advisor team will be involved in all aspects of your relationship.

We offer you a complete solution to implement all of your investment needs. The path toward financial success can be difficult to navigate alone and we would love the opportunity to help you every step of the way.



Wealth Management Team

With over 60 years of investment experience, our Wealth Advisors are responsible for the supervision of your investment assets.

Your Wealth Advisor will serve as your lead contact for conference calls and portfolio monitoring, as well as being responsible for reviewing your accounts periodically to assure your financial goals are being achieved.

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Relationship Managers

In addition to your Wealth Advisor, each client will work with a dedicated Relationship Manager who will also be familiar with your individual situation. 

Your Relationship Manager is always available to answer questions related to your investment accounts or to take care of administrative issues. They are an additional contact with firsthand knowledge of your accounts.

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Investment Insights

Understanding your investment manager's outlook is essential to long-term investment success. Read more to determine if our investment outlook fits with what you are looking for in an investment manager.

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