McGill Advisors Update April 2021

The April 2021 Update  

Will rising interest rates sink my bond investments? (Part 1)

Interest rates have been on the rise lately causing many investors to become increasingly nervous that the upward trend may have much further to go. Countless media sources are fanning these fears as they routinely produce content highlighting a host of possible catalysts to support even higher interest rates. This narrative typically ends with how devastating rising interest rates will be to your bond investments, often suggesting these investments are riskier than your stock holdings.

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hand pointing at financial projections

How Do You Know Your Financial Plan is Accurate? Give It a Stress Test 

For a variety of reasons, if your financial projections look too good to be true, they might well be. 

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man cleans plaque

What is Your Code?

I love meeting new people. I should say, I love learning about new people. I like to explore their background, their current reality, and most importantly, what drives their daily actions. One of my favorite questions takes many forms. At its core … what is your code?



vital signs podcast

Announcing the Your Vital $igns Podcast

McGill Advisors is proud to announce our new podcast, Your Vital $igns! The first two episodes are available now.

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